Velour (French Bean)

Velour (French Bean)

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5 inch dark purple fruit

55 days from direct-sowing. The most exciting new gourmet bean of the season is this dramatic electric purple variety from France! Each long, slender pod is less than ⅓inch in diameter, yet is packed with succulent texture and delectable flavor. Certain to be the most exciting thing on the plate, Velour deserves top billing in your garden!

These straight, slender pods reach 5 to 6 inches long, beautifully tapered and packed with nutritious seeds. The color is absolutely shocking -- a rich royal purple so bright you expect it to glow! But the texture and flavor are even better: succulent, rich, and delicious!

Days to maturity: 55 days

You can start harvesting around 40 days and do it continuously harvesting up to 80% of the plant.