Victory Garden Refill Pack of 30 Refills

  • $47.00
  • Save $43

30 refills:


1. 30 OMRI listed/ CERTIFIED ORGANIC growth media disks

2. 3 seed choices of your choosing* so you can grow another 30 vegetables.

3. Two part Nutrient Solution enough to make 40 gallons



The package does not include the Micro Dendridic Pod™ Systems or the LED light.



When will I get my refill?

If ordered along with the victory garden, the refill will be shipped 60-90 days AFTER the garden is delivered in order to provide you with the freshest seeds possible.


What kind of food can I grow?
We have tested hundreds of varieties of seeds in our systems, and although most grow really well, we are sourcing the highest phytonutrient rich plant varieties that also grow amazingly well in our systems. We will be offering numerous varieties of lettuces, arugula, spinach, tomatoes, and peppers. Our herb varieties: basils, mints, cilantro, and sage, are unique and not something you can find at your grocery store. We have paired with renowned chefs to offer the trademark herbs they use to make their dishes extraordinary. We are still perfecting and sourcing strawberries, cucumbers, and peas and hope to have those available as well.

How do I choose my seeds?
You Can use the special instructions box to select your seeds for your refill.