Educational Victory Garden™ with 27 Refills & Aggressively Efficient Light™

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The Micro Dendritic Pod System is reusable and with the refill package you can continue to grow your favorite varieties over and over again, or try new ones.

$675 value.

I know this might seem unbelievable.  But follow us here…
45 organic store-bought vegetables, at an average of 3$, would cost about $135.

Because the Aggressively Organic Micro Dendritic Pod system leverages a different type of harvest method, our vegetables will continue to grow back. People can get 4-5 (or more) harvests per plant. We call this method ‘Harvest When Hungry.’ Rather than cutting a head of lettuce completely, pick the outer leaves from a lettuce plant and leave the middle and more leaves will grow.  Within 1-2 weeks you will have another full head of lettuce ready to eat.

Tomato plants will keep producing more tomatoes when you pick from them, so one tomato plant will give carton after carton of tomatoes and we suspect that you’ve never tasted tomatoes this flavorful and juicy.

So with 45 refills x 5 harvests per refill = That's 225 vegetables you can grow with this refill kit. To buy 225 vegetables from the grocery store, at an average of $3 that would cost $675. But even if you don’t follow the Harvest when Hungry method, and you only want one harvest per seed (because maybe you want to try all the amazing plant varieties we offer) you’ll still get 45 better than organic vegetables and herbs for the same cost as your 45 organic store-bought vegetables. But you’ll have the confidence that they are fresh and there is nothing on them but light, love, and air. There is also no food waste because they just continue to grow, waiting for you to harvest them.

What kind of food can I grow?
We have tested hundreds of varieties of seeds in our systems, and although most grow really well, we are sourcing the highest phytonutrient rich plant varieties that also grow amazingly well in our systems. We will be offering numerous varieties of lettuces, arugula, spinach, tomatoes, and peppers. Our herb varieties: basils, mints, cilantro, and sage, are unique and not something you can find at your grocery store.

*How do I choose my seeds?
For this Garden the seeds are already predecided for you to be successful in your classroom and teach kids on how to grow their own food. You can pick from the Leafy Greens selection, the Herb selection, or the Fruiting plants selection. The fruiting plants selection is for a bit more advanced classrooms as the fruits take time to show up.

If you are a first time user, we recommend starting with the leafy greens selection!